School-Based Outpatient Therapy is a program that allows for children, adolescents, parents, guardians, families and school personnel to receive behavioral-health treatment at school.

School locations are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services as outpatient mental health clinics. Therapists employed by Ponessa Behavioral Health hold master’s degrees in behavioral-health related fields (psychology, social work, counseling). Clinicians use strengths-based interventions to empower their clients to face the challenges that they experience in their daily living.

Who can benefit from School-Based Outpatient Therapy?

Some clients are faced with struggles that interfere with their ability to “do their best.” These struggles can be related to a behavioral-health disorder (depression, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, etc.), or the result of environmental stressors (divorce, peer relationships, family relationships, abuse, etc.). Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and even the students themselves often know that “something just isn’t right.“ As a result, clients may be experiencing some of the following: problems with sleeping, problems with eating, difficulty concentrating or staying on task, feeling sad or irritable, loss of interest in activities that have been fun, difficulty following rules, aggressive behavior, or decline in school performance.

What happens during
School-Based Outpatient Therapy Treatment?

Clinicians have specialized training in identifying and addressing the root causes of the issues that affect some children and adolescents. They meet with the student and his or her parent(s) or guardian(s) to identify the issues and to develop a treatment plan. Focusing on strengths (student, family, environmental), the clinician provides interventions designed to help the student become more successful at school, at home, and in the community. Treatment is most effective if parent(s) or guardian(s) are active in treatment, so they are encouraged to attend family sessions and to maintain communication with the clinician.

What treatment concerns do we address?

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Drug & Alcohol Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Physical/Sexual/Emotional Abuse
  • Parent-Child Problems
  • Personality Disorders
  • Conduct Disorders
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Peer Relationships or Pressure
  • Divorce
  • Self-Esteem
  • Bullying
  • and Much More

Why choose School-Based Outpatient Therapy?

School-Based Outpatient Therapy is a traditional treatment in a nontraditional treatment setting. Students can receive behavioral-health treatment with minimal disruption of their educational day. Our clinicians work with school personnel so that interruption of core educational classes is kept to a minimum whenever possible. School-Based treatment is especially helpful for students whose parents or guardians are unable to get their children and adolescents to traditional treatment settings, because of employment requirements or transportation difficulties.

How are School-Based Outpatient Services funded?

Funding sources include:

  • Medical Assistance (Medicaid)
  • PerformCare
  • CHIP*
  • Private insurances*
  • Self-pay

* Please contact the office to see if we participate with your CHIP or private insurance provider.

How can your child or student get started?

If you are a parent, guardian, teacher, or guidance counselor who knows a child or adolescent who can benefit from School-Based Outpatient Therapy, please contact our corporate office at (717) 560-7917 to make a referral. We will gather some basic information, including insurance information, to determine whether School-Based Outpatient Therapy is right for the child or adolescent. If so, the student will be assigned to a clinician who will conduct an intake assessment, develop a treatment plan, and provide continuing behavioral-health treatment.

Licensed Schools

The following schools are currently licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to offer Mental Health School-Based Outpatient Therapy through Ponessa Behavioral Health:

Dauphin County

  • Middletown Area School District

    • Middletown Area High School
    • Middletown Area Middle School
    • Fink Elementary School
    • Kunkel Elementary School
    • Reid Elementary School

Lancaster County

  • Christ Home

    • .
  • Conestoga Valley School District

    • Brownstown Elementary School
    • Fritz Elementary School
    • Leola Elementary School
    • Smoketown Elementary School
    • Conestoga Valley Middle School
    • Conestoga Valley High School
  • Ephrata Area School District

    • Clay Elementary School
    • Fulton Elementary School
  • La Academia Charter School

    • .
  • Lancaster Catholic High School

    • .
  • Lancaster Pediatrics - Health Campus

    • .
  • Lancaster Pediatrics - Willow Street

    • .
  • School District of Lancaster

    • Buehrle Alternative School
    • Burrows Elementary School
    • Carter and MacRae Elementary School
    • Cyber School
    • DASH
    • Elizabeth Martin Elementary School & Middle School
    • Fulton Elementary School
    • Jackson Middle School
    • J. P. McCaskey High School
    • King Elementary School
    • Lafayette Elementary School
    • Lincoln Middle School
    • McCaskey East High School
    • Phoenix School
    • Reynolds Middle School
    • Robert Fulton Elementary School
    • Ross Elementary School
    • Washington Elementary School
    • Wharton Elementary School
  • Solanco School District

    • Bart Colerain Elementary School
    • Clermont Elementary School
    • Providence Elementary School
    • Quarryville Elementary School
    • Smith Middle School
    • Swift Middle School
    • Solanco High School

Lebanon County

  • Cornwall-Lebanon School District

    • Cornwall Elementary School
    • Ebenezer Elementary School
    • South Lebanon Elementary School
    • Union Canal Elementary School
    • Cedar Crest Middle School
    • Cedar Crest High School
  • Eastern Lebanon County School District

    • Fort Zeller Elementary School
    • Jackson Elementary School
    • Eastern Lebanon County Intermediate School
    • Eastern Lebanon County Middle School
    • Eastern Lebanon County High School
  • Northern Lebanon School District

    • East Hanover Elementary School
    • Fredericksburg Elementary School
    • Jonestown Elementary School
    • Lickdale Elementary School
    • Northern Lebanon Middle School
    • Northern Lebanon High School

York County

  • Central York School District

    • Central York High School
    • Central York Middle School
    • Hayshire Elementary School
    • North Hills Elementary School
    • Roundtown Elementary School
    • Sinking Springs Elementary School
    • Stony Brook Elementary School
  • York Academy Regional Charter Schools

    • Upper School
    • Lower School

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